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Martin - Yates  
Extended Family

Children of
Sarah Martin (1790-1860)
John Pryor Yates (1772-1860)

The children were born in either Wayne County & Robertson County, Tennessee,
then moved to the Laurel area of
Pope County, Arkansas' Ozark Mountains

1815 - 1836 --21 years' time-- Wayne County & Robertson County,TennesseeJohn Pryor Yates & Sarah Martin had 11 children - - from Sarah & John Pryor's ages  25 & 43   to  46 & 64.

1844:  John Pryor Yates & Sarah Martin & Family moved to Pope County, Arkansas  

Children born in Tennessee:
1815:  Betsy Yates
2.   1817:  Elsie Yates  (married
Samuel King Hudson (b.1817, Alabama) brother of Francis Marion Hudson, Sr.)
3.   1819:  Nancy Yates
4.   1820, Dec 31: Gabriel S."Gabe" Yates  (as a widower, became 2nd husband of widow Sarah Ann ("Sallie") Holmes (1834-1899)
5.   1824: Lucina Yates
6.   1826:  Elijah M Yates.   (Married
Lavina Davidson -- half-sister of Samuel King Hudson & Francis Marion Hudson)
7.   1828, 15 Sept:  Mary Magdalene Yates (married Francis Marion Hudson, Sr. (b.1829, Alabama) brother of Samuel King Hudson)
8.   1830:  Abraham H. "Abe" Yates
9.   1832:  John Pryor Yates  (died- 1864) ( 1st husband of Sarah Ann ("Sallie") Holmes (1834-1899) 
10. 1833:  George Absolum Yates
11. 1836:  Sarah Yates

Five of these 11 Yates siblings married into 2 other families:

Holmes - Yates
Sarah Ann Holmes (1834-1899) married two of the Yates brothers:  John Pryor Yates (1832-1864) & Gabriel Yates (1820-18__)

Hudson -
2 Yates Sisters - - Elsie Yates & Mary Magdalene Yates - - married 2 Hudson Brothers -- Samuel King Hudson & Francis Marion Hudson, originally from Alabama.

About 1849: One of the Yates brother, Elijah M. Yates , married Lavina Davidson (half-sister of Samuel King Hudson & Francis Marion Hudson.

Hudson Family Records  - - from a Rootsweb forum

Janyce Bryant   Posted: 24 Nov 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Biography
Surnames: Hudson, Yates, Davidson

This is not my family tree, I provided this information in the interest of keeping genealogy free. Please do not contact me regarding this family line. Also no grammar or punctuation was altered from the original documents.

History of Pope County pages 281-283, family # 364
"Hudson Family Records"
Author: Francis Marion Hudson II

There was a man by the name of Levy Hudson whose ancestors came to america from England during early Colonial days. When a young man, Levi Hudson married a girl named Hunt, and settled along the Ohio River in Kentucky near the line of Illinois. They reared a quite large family of children, all of whom (save one) married and settled in Kentucky and Illinois. I know none of the names of the children except Eli, a son who settled in Illinois and Jeremiah who came south when a young man.

In 1812 or 1815 Jeremiah Hudson came from the state of Illinois (where he was born in 1790 or 1793) to the Northwest corner of the state of Alabama, where he met and in 1815 or 1816 married Mrs. Lavina (Jones) Davis. They had four children- Samuel King in 1817; Spedia in 1819 or 1820; Andrew Jackson in 1822, and Francis Marion on March 20, 1829.

In 1830 Jeremiah Hudson moved about two miles from where his son Francis Marion was born into the state of Mississippi , where he died in 1834 from the effects of being thrown from a horse which he was riding.

Lavina Jones Hudson, wife of Jeremiah Hudson, was born in the state of Alabama in 1793. In 1808 she married to John Davis, to whom three children were born. They were Polly in 1809; Daniel in 1811: and John in 1813. The husband died in 1814. Lavina Jones Hudson was very small and plump, always weighing less than 100 pounds. After the death of Jeremiah Hudson, she practiced mid-wifery extensively until old age forced her to retire. In old age she made her home with her son Francis Marion Hudson, until she died in September, 1866 at the age of 73. She was for many years a member of the Primitive Baptist Church .

Polly Davis (half sister of FMH Sr.) was born in 1809. At an early age she married a man in Mississippi by the man by the name of Davidson to which union at least four children were born:  Andy
Davidson, Lavina Davidson, Jane Davidson, and Louise Davidson.

"We received a letter from Aunt Polly in 1904 when she was 95 years old. I believe she lived to be almost a 100 years old.

"The sisters Lavina Davidson and Jane Davidson came to Pope County Arkansas in 1844. Lavina Davidson married Elijah M. Yates about 1849 and was the mother of Sallie (Yates) Smith; Bettie (Yates) Brown; John Pryor Yates; Eliza M. Yates; and W.A. Yates, all, of whom went to Oklahoma. Lavina Yates died about 1867.

"Jane Davidson came to Pope County in 1844 and about 1852 was married to James Milligan and they reared a large family. She died about 1890.

"Andy Davidson moved to SE Missouri about the close of the Civil War and his mother, Polly Davis , lived with him. They later moved to Oregon.

"Daniel Davis (FMH Sr. half brother) lived in Mississippi until close to the Civil War and was a successful and respected farmer.

"Samuel King Hudson (brother of FMH Sr.) When he was a boy of about 15 years old, Sam was bummong around the state of Tennessee near his mother's home. He worked for a man by the name of John Pryor Yates, fell in love with the man's little daughter Elsie Yates, came with the Yates family from Tennessee to Pope County in 1833 and in due time was married to Miss Elsie Yates. They had one child, Mary Lavina Hudson. Elsie Yates Hudson (wife of Samuel King Hudson) died soon after the birth of her child. In 1844 the said Sam K. Hudson returned to the state of Mississippi and brought his mother, his 15 year old brother, Francis Marion and 2 young nieces to Pope County, Arkansas on the North Fork of the Illinois Bayou. (The nieces were Lavina and Jane Davidson, daughters of his half sister Polly).

"A few years after this Samuel King Hudson again married and raised a large family of children. He moved to the state of Oregon in 1852 , returned on a visit to Pope Co., Ark. in 1883 and stayed about seven months. He died at Portland Oregon in 1906 at the age of 89 years. He accumulated much property, raised a fine family, with whom I kept in touch until sometime after his death. His daughter Mary Lavina, married in Pope Co., Ark., bacame a mother and she and her baby both died there.

"Spedia Hudson married a man named Wiley Smith and moved to Texas in 1853.

"Andrew Jackson Hudson (brother of FMH Sr. ) raised a large family in Arkansas where he died at a ripe old age.

"Francis Marion Hudson Sr was born in Alabama on March 20, 1829, He came to the noth part of Pope Co., Ark., in 1844 at the age of 15. He fell in love with Mary Magdalene Yates to whom he was married January 16, 1848.  To this union 10 children were born----One little infant which died at birth; Jeremiah, born November 28, 1849 ( married Fannie Duvall, 3 children ); John Pryor, born October 28, 1851 (died at the age of 18 years. He is the first person buried in what is now Hudson cemetary at Moreland Ark.); Spedia Emaline born Sept 15, 1853 (died in childhood); Amanda born March 12, 1858 (died in infancy); Sam King born June 6, 1860 (died in childhood); Elsie Jane born August 22, 1855 (married G.W. Duvall, seven children); Francis Marion Jr., born March, 1864 (married Nancy Linderman, 9 children); Andrew Jackson, born April 25, 1871 (married Tamsy Simpson, 9 children).

"F.M. Hudson Sr. professed a hope in Christ in 1849 and in 1850 the first Freewill Baptist Church in Pope County in Arkansas, was organized at his house and he became a charter member. The present Freewill Baptist Church at Moreland was organized at his house on Sunday May 1, 1890 and he became a charter member .

"Francis Marion Hudson Sr. enlisted as a private in the Arkansas Infantry of the Confederate Army in the War Between the States on Dec. 21, 1861 at Dardanelle, Arkansas, and served for about a year. He was in a Union Prison for war prisoners for a time. He died Oct. 29, 1920.

"Andrew Jackson Hudson (brother of Francis Marion Hudson Jr.) lived past the age 90 years and died in Oklahoma.

"John Pryor Yates (father of Mary Magdalene Yates who was the wife of Francis Marion Hudson Jr.) was born in the state of Georgia in 1772 of colonial stock. In 1814 he married a girl of a wealthy family in Georgia. Her name was Sallie Martin, daughter of Samuel Martin. They moved at once to Tennessee where there were born to them following children- Betsy in 1815; Elsie in 1817 (married to Samuel King Hudson) ; Nancy in 1819; Gabe S. in 1821; Elijah M. in 1824 (married Lavina Davidson); Lucina in 1824: Mary in 1828 (married Francis Marion Hudson Sr.) ; Abe in 1830; John Pryor in 1832; Absolum in 1834, and Sarah in 1836. The aforementioned, Mary Magdalene Yates, born September 15, 1828, married Francis Marion Hudson Sr. on January 16, 1848.

"Francis Marion Hudson Jr. moved with his parents to the Moreland community in Pope County, Arkansas at the ages of 2 years. He married Nancy Linderman, daughter of Barney Linderman. They had nine children- Andrew Barney (died as a baby); Raymond Samuel, Hermon Pryor, Mary Hattie, Elsie Katherine, Robert Ellis. Roy Francis (died as a baby), Emet (died in infancy) and Flora (died in infancy).

"Francis Marion Hudson Jr. lived a long and meaningful life and died at the home of his daughter Mary Hattie (Hudson) Nichols in Clarkesville Ark., in 1949 at the age of 85 years. During his long life he had a variety of careers and always served his community and his fellowman. He was prominent and influental and at one time was a large land holder. He was a farmer, school teacher, a general store owner, a lawyer, served four terms in the Arkansas State Legislature, and in his later life was an ordained Baptist Minister. He was over six feet tall, big-boned but of slendar build. He had one eye removed in his youth due to an infection.

"Nancy Lutecia Hudson (wife of Francis Hudson Jr.) was born in Indiana, the daughter of Harriet (Dunne) and Barney Linderman Jr. She moved with her parents to Moreland, Arkansas when she was about 12 years old. F.M. Hudson Jr. said that he first saw Nancy when she was twelve standing on a box and washing dishes. He remarked there and then that he was going to marry her some day. Nancy Hudson was short and plump and was reputed to have a sweet disposition. She died Dec. 7, 1928 at the age of 62 years.

"Raymond Samuel Hudson married Mary Haynie of Atkins, Arkansas, and they had three children; Edwin (killed in a car accident in California in 1969), one daughter; Neva Rae (married Colonel Ned Thomas of West Virginia, two children- Nedda Rae and Greg and Norman (married twice, seven children). Raymond was a graduate of the University of Arkansas, was a lawyer , a grocer, a farmer and a member of the Arkansas State Legislature. Norman Hudson is a lawyer. Raymond died in 1953.

"Herman Pryor Hudson married Pearl Chronister of Moreland Ark. They had 8 children ------Dee Jay, Elaine, Geraldine, Leta, James Francis, Clois Dale, and twins, Don and Doynne. Herman lives in Russellville, Ark., and has been a farmer and a policeman. Dee Jay Hudson married Gladys McGuhan and they had 3 children, Freddie, Phyllis and Kay. Dee Jay is a grocer in Sherwood, Arkansas. All his children are married and have children; Elaine Hudson married W.O. "Bus" Hice a tax assesor and they have 4 children and live in Morrilton Ark. Billy, Kathy, Charles and Danny. Billy is married to Carol Ann and they have 2 children; Kathy is married to Benny Robinson and they have 3 children; Charles is unmarried; Danny is married and they have 2 children; Geraldine Hudson married Audley Scarborough, a druggest and lives in Clarkesville Ark. They have 2 daughters Sylvia and Marion; Leta Hudson married Brown Lewis and they had 2 daughters, Lynn and Beverly. She later married John Eszes and they had a son and a daughter, Eva and Mike; Lynn has two boys; Beverly has twin girls and a boy; Eva has a boy; Mike is unmarried. All reside in California. James Francis Hudson is living in the state of Washington. Clois Dale Hudson (unmarried) lives in Detroit Michigan; Don Hudson is married to Ila Jane Bowdan and they have 3 children; Linda Pearl is married to Daniel Davis, a band and choir director, they have one child Karce. Gary Don is married to Bessie Boze and they have one son Scott Alan. They reside in Moreland. Joanan Grace Hudson (Unmarried) of the home. Doynne Hudson married Dana Crites and they have 3 children; Barbara, Edward and Laura of the home. Don and Doynne have several large commercial laying hen houses in and around Moreland Arkansas, along with a large egg production plant. Pearl Chronister died January 31st, 1939. Herman died June 1975. Elaine died in 1973.

"Mary Hattie Hudson married Boyd Thomas Nichols on January 31, 1922 at Moreland, Arkansas. They moved to Atkins, Arkansas, where Boyd worked in a grocery and feed store. A son, Wayne Terrel, born in 1924, died at the age of 18 months. Twins, Van Ray and Wanda Fay, were born on July 6, 1926 at Manilla, Ark. Van Ray died at the age of 9 months. Boyd was a grocer in Clarksville, Ark. for over 20 years, then retired and became a farmer.Wanda Fay Nichols married Roger Peyton Meador of Dumas, Ark., on November 25, 1949 at Clarksville, Ark. They live in Conway, Ark., where Roger is a medical representative for Merc Sharp and Dohme Drug Co. They have an adopted son, Mark Thomas born June 24, 1955. Wanda Fay graduated from the University of Arkansas and worked for a time as a newspaper reporter and in public relations. Mary Hattie Hudson Nichols was a school teacher for several years before her marriage and during the early part of her marriage. Boyd died April, 1977.

"Elsie Katherine Hudson married Earl Braden in 1923. They had one daughter, Nancy Gail, born January 27, 1939. Earl died in 1962. He was a grocer. Elsie was a school teacher early in her marriage. Nancy Gail Braden is an elementary school teacher at Ft. Smith, Ark. Elsie died in Feb., 1974 at Ft. Smith.

"Robert Ellis Hudson married Florence Myrtle Bishop in 1932. Ellis was a high school teacher at Magnolia and Russellville high schools, until he retired in 1967. They have one son, Francis Marion Hudson III, born September 8, 1935. Francis received a Ph. D. degree from the University of Texas and is now head of the Mathematics department at State College of Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas. He is the author of two mathematics textbooks. He is married to Sandra Foster and they have two daughters, Amanda Sue, born July 4, 1966 and Shannon Marie, born May 14, 1968. Shannon Marie died of pneumonia just after midnight on Easter Day April 12, 1971 at the age of two years and almost eleven months. A daughter Cindy Lee was born August 1972.

+ + + + + +

From a Rootsweb forum:  Wanda Fay Meador, History Pope County Arkansas, Vol. 1, "Samuel King Hudson," Page 283, family # 365.  This information follows:

"1817-1906:  Samuel King Hudson married Elsie Yates, one child Mary Lavina Hudson
1829-1920:  Francis Marion Hudson, Sr. married Mary Magdalene Yates:  10 children, 4 died in infancy
18__:  girl - - married Davidson, 2 daughters: 
Lavina Davidson and Jane  Davidson "Samuel King Hudson (born in Alabama 1817) arrived in Pope County, Arkansas in 1844 [age 27] from Tennessee with the family of John Pryor Yates.  They settled on the north fork of the Illinois Bayou in Pope County That same year, Samuel King Hudson went to Mississippi and returned to Arkansas with his mother Lavina Jones Hudson, his brother Francis Marion aged 15, and his two nieces Lavina Davidson and Jane Davidson.

"In 1844,
Samuel King Hudson married [John Pryor Yates’ daughter] Elsie Yates and they had one child, Mary Lavina. The baby lived, but the wife died soon after the birth of the child.  This daughter Mary Lavina Hudson, married in Pope County, became a mother, and she and her baby both died there.

"In 1852, Samuel King Hudson moved to Oregon, married again, raised a large family and became a large landholder. He lived to be 89 years old."

"Samuel King Hudson’s brother, Francis Marion Hudson Sr. was born in Alabama 1829, and lived in Pope County from 1844 until his death in 1920. He was a merchant and postmaster.  He served as a private in the Confederate Army in the war between the states and was a captive in a Union Prisoner of War camp in Corinth, Mississippi.  He once remarked he preferred dodging bullets to the body lice he received when a prisioner."

"Francis Marion Hudson, Sr. always wanted to look his best. When he was 85 years old, after riding 8 miles by horseback to a meeting, he wore his celluloid collar all night because he was afraid he couldn't get it on the next day. When he returned home, he couldn't speak because the collar had been so tight."

"The First Freewill Baptist Church in Pope County was organized at Francis Marion Hudson, Sr.'s house, as was the present Freewill Baptist Church of Moreland ----the latter on May 1, 1870. He was a charter member of both."

"1849:   Francis Marion Hudson, Sr. married Mary Magdalene Yates (daughter of John Pryor Yates & Sarah Martin) and to this union 10 children were born - - 4 died in infancy:
1.  Jeremiah (married Fannie Duvall, 3 children),
Descendents moved to Oklahoma
2.  Elsie Jane (married G.W. Duvall, 7 children), Descendents still live in Pope County Arkansas
3.  1864:  Francis Marion Jr., born near Moreland, married Nancy Linderman, 9 children, Descendents still live in Pope County Arkansas
4. Mary Elizibeth (married Charles Haskins, 7 children), Descendents still live in Pope County Arkansas
5. Andrew Jackson (married Tamsy Simpson, 9 children), Descendents moved to Oklahoma
6.  John Pryor, died at the age of 18 in 1870, - -  the first person buried in what is now Hudson Cemetery,
7-10.  Spedia Hudson, Emaline
Hudson, Amanda Hudson, & Sam King Hudson -- who died in infancy or childhood."

"Lavina Jones Hudson - - mother of Samuel King Hudson and Francis Marion Hudson, Sr.--
during her later years made her home with her grandson Francis Marion Hudson, Jr. She praciticed mid-wifery until old age forced her to retire."

"[3rd child of
Francis Marion Hudson, Sr. & Mary Magdalene Yates] Francis Marion Hudson, Jr., was born in 1864 near Moreland.  He was a well-known Pope County resident, having careers as a farmer, merchant, attorney and school teacher, and served 4 terms in the Arkansas State Legislature. In his middle 40's he became an ordained Baptist minister and preached at over 1,600 funerals."

"Francis Marion Hudson, Jr. & and Nancy Linderman were married in 1886 and had 9 children,
the last 4 children died in infancy:
1. Raymond Samuel
Hudson ( married Mary Haynie of Atkins,three children),
2. Herman Pryor Hudson (married Pearl Chronister, 8 children),
3. Mary Hattie
Hudson (married Boyd T. Nichols of Moreland, 3 children),
4. Elsie Kate
Hudson (married Earl Braden of Moreland, 1 daughter),
5. Robert Ellis
Hudson ( married Florence Bishop of Clarksville, one son),
6-9:  The last 4 children died in infancy:  Andrew
Hudson, Roy Francis Hudson, Emmet Hudson, & Flora Hudson."

"Francis Marion Hudson, Jr. died in 1949, age 85, at the home of his daughter Hattie (Mrs. Boyd T. Nichols) in Clarkesville. Until about a year before his death, he had not been treated by a physician in 45 years." 

2nd child of Francis Marion Hudson, Jr & Nancy Linderman] Herman Pryor Hudson lived in Pope County most of his life and was a resident of Russellville at the time of his death in 1976. He lived to be 83 years old. He had been a policeman and a farmer. Herman's youngest children Don and Doyne, twins, reside near Moreland and are the owners of Hudson Brothers Hatcheries. Don Hudson is married to Jane Bowden and they have three children and two grandchildren. Doyne Hudson is married to Dana Crites and they have 3 children.

[ 5th child of Francis Marion Hudson, Jr & Nancy Linderman ] Robert Ellis Hudson was a Pope County resident for a number of years and was a teacher at Russellville High School and the Pottsville Schools. He is retired and he and Florence Bishop Hudson live in Conway, where their son, Francis Marion Hudson III, is chairman of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Central Arkansas.   Francis Marion Hudson III is married to Sandra Foster of Louisiana and they have 2 daughters."

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