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Holmes - Brown - Yates Clan's
1893 Wagon Train
Laurel, North Fork Township (now Simpson Township)
Pope Co
Tucker & Comanche
, Stevens County,

Boston Mountains, the the highest section of the Ozark Plateau, 
Ozark National Forest, 

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Haw Falls, near Hector & Scottsville     
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Longpool Falls, Pope County, Arkansas

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1893:  The Brown - Holmes - Yates Clan Moved by Covered Wagon from the North Fork of the Illinois Bayou, Laurel, Pope County, Arkansas to Comanche, Stephens County, Oklahoma -- at the time the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory

Sally Yates Duncan:  "When I was about four years old, we moved to Comanche, Oklahoma.  Mother was pregnant with Louise [born March 26, 1893 in Comanche, Oklahoma]."
Duncan Work:   "Did they come here with other families?"
Sally Yates Duncan:  "Yes, and one went to school and became a lawyer."
Duncan Work:   "Did your Grandparents Brown came to Oklahoma, too?" [ John Daniel Brown (1817-1898) & Mary Elizabeth Church Foster Brown (1844-1921) ]
Sally Yates Duncan:   "Yes."
Duncan Work:  "Did your Grandparents Yates [ Gabrirel Yates & Sarah Ann Holmes ] stay in Arkansas?"
Sally Yates Duncan:  "No, they came here too, but I don’t remember how."   (See lis of people in the wagon train.)
Duncan Work:   "So they all came to Oklahoma?"
Sally Yates Duncan:  "Yes."
Duncan Work:  "Why did they decide to leave?"
Sally Yates Duncan:  "Well, to find a better life. They had farmed all their life and had a rather meager existence."

People in the 1893 wagon train from Pope County, Arkansas to Comanche, Oklahoma

Sarah Ann Holmes Yates, age 59, the twice-widowed matriarch of the Holmes - Yates clan.  Her 1st husband, John Pryor Yates (1832-1864) had been killed by bushwhackers in 1864, near the end of the Civil War.  Her 2nd husband, Gabriel Yates (1820-1881), had died 12 years before the 1893 departure from Arkansas.
Children of Sarah Ann Holmes & her 1st husband, John Pryor Yates (1832-1864):
-  Elijah ("Lige") Yates (age 28, 1863-      )
Children of Sarah Ann Holmes & her 2nd husband, Gabriel S. Yates
-  Abe Yates (age 25)
-  Gabe Yates (age 2_)
-  Polly Yates (age __)

-  John Pryor ("Young Pry") Yates (1866-1927) (age 27) & Rebecca Brown (1867-1953) age 26) & Family:
     -  John Pryor Yates & Rebecca Brown's 3 children: Mary, age 7; Abe age 5; Sally, age 4.  Rebecca was pregnant with their 4th child, Louise, who was born in Comanche.
     -  Rebecca Brown Yates' parents, Mary Elizabeth Church Foster Brown, age 49 (1844-1921)  &  John Daniel Brown, age 76 (1817-1898)

Duncan Work to Sally Yates Duncan:   "Have you ever been back to Arkansas?"
Sally Yates Duncan:  "No, but my parents 
did [John Pryor ("Young Pry") Yates (1866-1927)Rebecca Brown (1867-1953)]. One time after they went and came back, Papa said he wished he'd never gone; in his mind's eye, it had been a lot bigger. They went to visit Aunt Ludi  [ Ludi Brown Tredwell -- sister to Rebecca Brown Yates]."  

Duncan Work:  "When you were traveling, did you encounter Indians?"
Sally Yates Duncan:  "Well, I don't remember.  I was only about 4 at the time, and coming here is just a vague memory. Mary [the oldest child in the family, age 7 at the time of moving] remembers more than I do.  We rode in a covered wagon from Arkansas to the Mississippi or the Red River [ the Arkansas River at Russellville, Arkansas - - where the Illinois Bayou flows into it]. The mules swam across the river with the wagons a-floating, and they forded in across to the Indian Territory side."

Rita Yates Lilly"My father Abe Yates was 6 years old when the family came to Oklahoma.  He remembers when they got to the Arkansas River, the cattle and horses had to swim across.  Many of the cows had young calves that were unable to swim, and the mother cows took them across on their horns. They had two wagons drawn by oxen and one by horses.  When they arrived in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Granddaddy John P. Yates [age 27] became ill, and hired somebody in the caravan to drive his wagons through.  He and his family later took a train to Gainesville, Texas -- the nearest railroad terminal.  Relatives came back [to Gainesville]
for them and brought them [north across the Red River in] to Indian Territory."

Indian Territory -- with the overland routes through it, 
including the wagon train route taken by the Yates 
Extended family
from Ft. Smith, Arkansas to Gainesville, Texas
(for location of Gainesville, Texas, see map after this one)

In the center-west of this map of Indian Territory, 
the line of hills or trees follows along the cattle-drive route,
the Chisolm Trail - - present-day US Route 81.

Ok - indian territory 1817-1860

Present-day Oklahoma, including including the towns of Ft. Smith, Arkansas & Gainesville, Texas,
between which the John Pryor & Rebecca Yates & family of 3 small children traveled by train
ok - hiways

Indian Territory, 1890


Indian Territory: Tribal Nations -- with overlay of present-day Oklahoma counties & county seats

Insert map of area:  Comanche, Oklahoma:  southeast of Lawton, south of Marlow, & Duncan

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