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Forrester - Church - Brown 

Mary Elizabeth Forrester (1839-1916)
John Daniel Brown (1825-1900/10)

Jackson County, Alabama
Pope County, Arkansas
Stevens County
: Comanche & Marlow,
Carter County:  Healdton
Potawatamie County

John Daniel Brown (1825-1900/10)   &   Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church Brown (1839-1916)
John Brown & Mary Church

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Close up of Russellville & Dover 
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Boston Mountains, the the highest section of the Ozark Plateau, 
Ozark National Forest,
Pope County, Arkansas

by Charles Smith, 2003 wikipedia

Haw Falls, near Hector & Scottsville     
by bradenh
Longpool Falls, Pope County, Arkansas

by Don Dailey

Wyatt - Church

Ann Wyatt (18__-1864) 
Larkin Jones Church Sr. (
1814, Jun 13 - 1865)

North Carolina & Alabama

(This was Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church Brown's
1st husband's 1st marriage.)

1832 Nov 20, Wilkes County, North Carolina: 
1st marriage for  Ann Wyatt, age __ (18__-1864) 

1st marriage for Larkin Jones Church Sr.,  age 18 (b. 13 Jun 1814, Wilkes County, North Carolina - 1865)

Larkin Jones Church Sr. & Ann Wyatt had 11 children, incuding:
- Dr. James Bufford Church ( Pat Church Martin’s GGgrandfather.)

1854 Nov 1: Death of Ann Wyatt Church, possiby buried in Alabama.  
At the time, Ann's husband
Larkin Jones Church Sr., was 40.

Forrester - Church
Jackson County, Alabama
Pope County, Arkansas

1857 May 3, Jackson County Alabama:  
marriage for Mary Elizabeth Forrester, age 17 (b. 1839, Alabama - 1916)
marriage for Larkin Jones Church Sr., age 43 (1814-1865)

1857-1865, 8 year’s of married life:  from  Mary Elizabeth Forrester & Larkin Jones Church Sr.'s ages  18 & 43   to   26 & 51

Larkin Jones Church Sr.'s 11 children from his 1st marriage had been born ca. mid-1830's - til possibly when his 1st wife died.  This would make them age approx. 25 down to very young.  We don't know if any of these children came to live with Larkin Jones Church, Sr. & his 2nd wife, Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church.

Some time after marrying, Mary Elizabeth Forrester & Larkin Jones Church Sr. family moved to Pope County, Arkansas.

1858-1862, 5 years time:  Mary Elizabeth
ForresterLarkin Jones Church Sr.'s ages    19  &  44    to  23 & 49   (We don't know yet where if these 3 children were born in Alabama or Arkansas.)  :

(1) 1858  John Almon Church
(2) 1860  William Church - - possibly died as a child
(3) 1862 Francis Marion, Jr.

1865, March 21: Tragic Civil War Bushwhacking Death of Larkin Jones Church Sr., age 51.  At the time, his wife 
Mary Elizabeth Forrester was 26.

Story passed on from one of Larkin’s great granddaughters, and 
compiled from CSR’s  Jan 2001 by Edward G. Gerdes):  "Larkin Church had discovered a lead mine and was running back to tell about his discovery when the bushwhackers put him upon a rock and killed him.  He is listed as a casualty with the 2nd Arkansas Calvary Union  and killed by Guerillas in Pope County, Arkansas on March 21, 1865.  He is buried in the Forks Of The Creek Cemetery, Hector, Pope County, Arkansas, with a military headstone."
Crouch – Brown

Nancy Jane Crouch (1831-1860/65)
John Daniel Brown 

Pope County, Arkansas

(This was John Daniel Brown's 1st marriage)

John Daniel
Brown was in the Mexican War (war's duration was 1846-1848)

Rita Yates Lilly
  "John Daniel Brown [1825-1900/10] was in the Spanish-American War."

[ LL note:  "the Spanish-American War"  was probably actually the Mexican War (1846-1848), because the Spanish-American War was April-August 1898. ]

1847 Nov 12:  Pope County, Arkansas:  Marriage (1st) for Nancy Jane Crouch, age 16   &  (1st)  for John Daniel Brown, age 22  (1825-1900/10) 

1848-1857, 10 years' time:   Nancy Jane Crouch & John Daniel Brown had 6 children, from Nancy & John's age  17 & 23   to  27 & 33.

1850 Census, Pope County, Arkansas:  By then, Nancy Jane Crouch & John Daniel Brown had had 2 of their 6 children:
(1) Mary E. Brown, age 2 [ b. 1848/49 ]
(2) William G. Brown, age 0 [ b. 1849/50 ]

1850 Census also said living next door to Nancy Crouch & John Daniel Brown:
-  Sarah Shipman Reed, Nancy Crouch’s mother. 
-  Hannah Shipman Reed, Sarah’s mother.

1860 Census Liberty Township, Pope County, Arkansas: 6 children

      John Brown, age 36        (1825-1900/10)
      Nancy Brown, age 28     [ b. 1831/32 ]
(1)  Mary Brown, age 11      
[ b. 1848/49 ]
(2)  William Brown, age 10    [ b. 1849/50 ]
(3)  Eliza Brown, age 8         [ b. 1851/52 ]
(4)  Sarah Brown, age 4        [ b. 18/55/56]
(5)  Margaret Brown, age 3    [ b. 1856/57 ]
(6)  Martha Brown, age 2       [ b. 1857/58 ]

1860/65:  Sometime after this 1860 census and before John Daniel Brown's 1866 2nd marriage: Death of Nancy Crouch Brown. 

John Daniel Brown in the American Civil War (war's duration was 1861-1865)

Rita Yates Lilly:   "John Daniel Brown was also an officer in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  On the way home from that second war, he ran into a thorn bush and became blind in one eye."  

Sally Yates Duncan:   "Grandfather Brown was blind.  He hurt one of his eyes in the Spanish-American War, and the other one went out later. He had a pension from the war."

[ LL note:  "the Spanish-American War"  was probably actually the Mexican War (1846-1848), because the Spanish-American War was April-August 1898. ]

Forrester - Church - Brown

Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church (1839-1916)
John Daniel Brown (1825-1900/10)

After the end of the Civil War, and after their first spouses' deaths in 
1860/65  & 1865:
1866  Feb 11, Pope County, Arkansas,  Marriage:  2nd for Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church, age 27    & 2nd  for John Daniel Brown, age 41  

Blended Family
From these two people's former marriages, there was already 20 children in the blended family.  John Daniel Brown's 6 children with his first wife were very young still - - born 1848-1858, age 18-8.   Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church Brown's 3 children were even younger - - born 1858-62, age 8-4.  From this following
story related by Sally Yates Duncan from a comment by her mother (Rebecca Brown Yates), it looks like these children from John Daniel Brown's 1st marriage came to live with him and his 2nd wife Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church Brown.

Sally Yates Duncan: "My mother was Rebecca Arimenta Tennessee Brown from Pearl, Arkansas.  My mother's mother [ Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church Brown ] was 1/16 Indian. She and Grandfather John Daniel Brown were from Alabama.  Mother said that Grandfather Brown had two children by his first wife.  One of these children was known as "Aunt Sak" which must have been short for Sally or Sarah or something.  Her sister was Bett [which was possibly short for Elizabeth], who Mother said was the meanest person she ever lived with; she would do bad things and blame it on the other kids." 

Note from compiler Lisa Lindberg:   Looking for exact location. Websearch:  On USGS site, is an entry for an historical Pope County post office, called the Pearl Post Office: "Pearl Post Office (historical) , ID: 84058.  History:    In operation 1889-1898.   Citation:   Russell Pierce Baker. From Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory of Arkansas Post Offices, 1832-1971. 1988:  Hot Springs, Arkansas: Arkansas Genealogical Society, p173.  Entry Date: 01-Feb-1992" ]

1867 - 18__, __ years' time:  
Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church & John Daniel Brown had 5 children together, from Mary Elizabeth & John Daniel's ages 28  & 42  to ___ & __:

1867:  Rebecca Arimenta Tennessee Brown (1867-1953)  -- married John Pryor ("Young Pry") Yates (1866-1927) 
(2) 18__:  Nancy E. Brown
18__:  John Andrew Brown
18__:  Louesy ("Ludi")K. Brown  Married Mr. Tredwell, came later to Oklahoma & lived in Healdton, Carter County, halfway between Ardmore & Comanche
(5) 18__:  Eli Mark Brown  d. 1919

Rebecca Arimenta Tennessee Brown,
ca. 1900
Rebecca Brown
Mark Brown
ca. 1900
Mark brown

Rita Yates Lilly  "Grandmother Brown also went blind -- cataracts, detached retina -- but sewed uniforms."

Sally Yates Duncan:  "Grandmother Brown made men's suits in a little log cabin with the light of a wool wick in a piece of tallow. She developed neuralgia and cataracts on her eyes. She saw Mary and Abe, but she went blind before I was born" [ in 1889, by which time Grandmother Brown was 45].

Duncan Work
:   "Was it Grandmother Brown who your mother took you to when you got burned?"  

Sally Yates Duncan:  "Yes, [ my older brother ] Abe was rocking me in the rocking chair and dropped me in the fireplace and a coal stayed in my head, and the hair never has grown back in that spot. They wrapped my head in sorghum molasses. Mama took me and Abe and Mary and we went over the mountains to Grandmother Brown's house."

Duncan Work:  "Didn't she have some verse she said?"  

Sally Yates Duncan:  "Yes.  I heard Mama say that she had something she said and would pass her hand over the burn." 

Duncan Work"There is a book called The Foxfire Book that has stories of people who can do that -- they are called 'fire healers.' " 

Duncan Work:
  "Have you ever been back to Arkansas?"

Sally Yates Duncan:  "No, but my parents 
didJohn Pryor ("Young Pry") Yates (1866-1927)Rebecca Brown (1867-1953) ]. They went to visit Aunt Ludi  [ Ludi Brown Tredwell -- sister to Rebecca Brown Yates].   One time after they went and came back, Papa said he wished he'd never gone; in his mind's eye, it had been a lot bigger."  

[  Sometime later, Ludi Brown Tredwell also moved to Okahoma - - to Healdton in Carter County, halfway between the towns of Comanche & Ardmore.  ]

Duncan Work:   "Did you say that your Mother's parents - - the Brown Grandparents -- came to Oklahoma, too?" [ John Daniel Brown & Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church Brown ]

Sally Yates Duncan:   "Yes, but I don't remember just how they got here. They didn't live in the dug-out with us [in Comanche.]

[  LL note:  Maybe the Brown Grandparents did not leave Arkansas in the big 1893 wagon train, but rather later:   Did they instead leave later with Louesy ("Ludi") Brown after she married Mr. Tredwell and went to Oklahoma to live in Healdton? ]

1900 Comanche Township, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory Census
John Daniel Brown , age 75
Mary Elizabeth Brown, age 60. 

Sally Yates Duncan: 
"Grandmother and Grandfather Brown 
lived with us for a while [in Comanche] when they were old.  They were blind, and would sit by the fireplace and would come and eat and that’s about all they could do.  We had a line from the kitchen to the privy so they would find their way easily, and that's the only exercise they had.  Sometimes we children would hold their hands and walk with them.  

"Grandmother Brown would always wear aprons and would sit and pleat it. She was a sweet old thing, but she would always say, 'You girls ought to help your mother more.'   We had a lot more advantages than she did. We went to school and Papa always saw to it that we had a little music."
After Grandfather Brown died, Grandmother Brown lived with Aunt Ludi [ Ludi Brown Tredwell -- sister to Rebecca Brown Yates] in Healdton, Oklahoma."

1900-1910 (sometime between), Comanche, Oklahoma:   Death of John Daniel Brown.  
is buried in the Fairlawn Cemetery, Comanche, Stephens County, Oklahoma, with a military marker on his grave 

From Brown - Yates
1904, after 11 years of living in Comanche, Oklahoma, John Pryor Yates (age 38) & Rebecca Brown Yates (age 37)  & their family of 6 children moved to Konawa, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. ]

"1910 Census: Shawnee Ward 5, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma - - census enumeration taken April  28
-  Eli Mark Brown
-  wife
-  son, age 31/2 
-  Eli Mark Brown's mother, Mary Elizabeth"

"1910 Census:  Wall Township, Stephens County, Oklahoma (
Marlow  area) - - census enumeration taken June 4 & 6:
-  John Almon (Andrew) Brown
-  Mary Elizabeth Church Brown, age
70, widow, living with her son John A."

[ LL notes:  
- From Pat Church Martin:  From these census records, it looks like sometime between April 28-June 4, 1910, Mary Elizabeth Brown moved from the home of her son Eli Mark Brown's Pottawatomie County home to her son John Brown's Stephens County

-  1910 - - 
that same year:  The family of John Pryor Yates (age 44) & Rebecca Brown Yates (age 43)  & also one of their daughters & her husband Sally Ann Yates (1889-1984) & Odell Carr Duncan (1883-1935) moved from their Clovis, New Mexico homesteads back to Comanche, Oklahoma - - the town of the extended Yates family's original Oklahoma residence.  Comanche and Marlow are near each other.  ]

1916 April 4, Marlow, Oklahoma:  Death of Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church Brown.  

Marlow Funeral Home records: "Mary Elizabeth Brown, born in Alabama and died 04-04-1916 three miles N.E. of Marlow.  She was 77 years old."  

She is buried in the Marlow Cemetery, Stephens County, Oklahoma. 

Mary Elizabeth Forrester Church Brown
ca. 1900

Mary Elizabeth Church Foster Brown, ca 1900

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