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Hall - Duncan

George Duncan (abt. 1728-1783)
Ann Hall (abt. 1730 - 1804/09)


- Charlottesville, Virginia area -

Our family line continues with George Duncan, the middle son of  Mary Fleming (abt. 1703 - early 1740's) & John Duncan (1700-1745) &

Jan 26, 1750 in Charlottesville, Virginia area:  Marriage of George Duncan (age 22) & Ann Hall (age 20, b. about 1730 in Albemarle County, Virginia).  

The wedding of George Duncan & Ann Hall was scheduled to take place at the new Ballenger's Creek Church, near Boiling Spring, west of Scottsville, Virginia.  But a heavy snowstorm came up and the wedding was held instead at "Warminster," the estate of William Cabell, with ceremonies officiated by Rev. Robert Rose.  

1752-1778 ( 26 years time), Charlottesville, Virginia area:  Ann Hall Duncan & George Duncan had 8 children -- at Ann & George's ages  22 & 24  to  48 & 50:

1. 1752: John Duncan 
2. 1754: Celia Ann Duncan
3. 1758 approx.: Fleming Willis Duncan 
4. 1762 approx.:  Field Allen Duncan
5. 1769 Feb 2: Molly (Mary) Fleming Duncan
6. 1770 approx.: George Duncan 
7.  1770 approx.: Nancy L. Duncan 
8.  1778, Nov 4: Tandy Patterson Duncan  (
our ancestor -- born when his parents were 48 & 50 )  

George Duncan - - Virginia landowner &  in the 
Captain in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War 
George Duncan  is listed in the Virginia colonial records as a farmer.  He became an early landowner in Fluvanna County, Virginia (subdivided off from Albemarle County), and was one of the signers of the petition for the formation of this new county. Later in life was also a soldier and fought in the Revolutionary War:  on Sept 4, 1777, at age 49, he was sworn in to the Virginia militia and served as Captain.

1783 & early 1800's in Albemarle-Fluvanna County, Virginia:  Deaths of George Duncan (age 55) & Ann Hall Duncan  (age 74 / 79)

1783, Nov 6:  George Duncan died at age 55, and was buried on the grounds of his estate on the north Hardware River, Fluvanna County, Virginia.  
His will names as heirs:
- his wife, Ann Hall Duncan (age 53)
- their 8 children, ages 5 to 31.    

  Ann Hall Duncan died in Fluvanna County, Virginia.

[  LL Note:  From looking closely at topographic maps, the entire length of the Hardware Riverís North Fork is inside of today's Albemarle County:  Its headwaters are NW of Dudley Mtn, then flows to the Southern foot of Dudley Mtn, then conflues with the South Fork just west of the settlement of Carterís Bridge - - all WITHIN Albemarle County.  Problem:  If George's plantation was on the North Hardware River, then how can its location be considered to be in Fluvanna County?  Or does "north Hardware River" actually mean something like the "north bank" of the Hardware River?  ]

Our line of the Duncan Clan continues through the youngest child of George Duncan &  Ann Hall:  Tandy Patterson Duncan (b. 1778 )

duncan tartanduncan tartanduncan tartanduncan tartan

Duncan Overview Page 

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