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Hanna Hobbs Oglesby (1739-1806)
James King Carr (1739-1782)

1764 June 9 (ca.):  Marriage of Hanna Hobbs Oglesby (May 1739-1806) & James King Carr (b. 1739 in Pennsylvania - d.1782 Virginia)

Hannah had previously been married to Elisha Oglesby, with whom she had one son (source:  Jerry Carr's web posting

1764-mid 1770's:  Children born to
Hanna Hobbs Oglesby & James King Carr (eventually had 5 sons & 2 daughters
(source of this statistic:  Jerry Carr's year 2000 web posting.)  
- 1764  Oct 6 :  James Carr  (
- 1771/1775:    Hanna Carr (b. Craven County, SC, d.1820)  1797, Sept 10, married to Major James Frazor  (source:  Ronald Carr Frazor's year 2000 web posting
 - 1773 Sept 5:  John "Uncle Jackie" Carr, (b. near Ramhouse Mill, SC. - 1858 Sept 5)  1791 Nov 23, Sumner County, TN: Married Sarah Cage (1774-1841).  In 1857 wrote Early Times in Middle Tennessee   A Son:  Jesse Douglass Carr (b. 1814 June 10), went to California, where he was quite prominent in California history (source: Mary Smith's 2002 web posting)

Early-mid 1770's: 
Hanna Hobbs Oglesby & James King Carr & Family moved from South Carolina southwestern Virgina: Houston's Fort on Big Moccasin Creek, about 20 miles north of the town of Abingdon

Houston's Fort, southwest Virginia
Established 1774

Houstons Fort, sw Viginia -- by krepass--#13916586-google-panoramio

by krepass--#13916586-google-panoramio

Houston's Fort
(Text of Historical Marker)
  1769:  Thomas McCulloch etablished the first settlement on this site in what is now Scott County.
1771:  The settlement was abandoned in fear of Indian attack.
  1774:  William Houston - - assignee of Thomas McCulloch -- constructed a fort here.
  1776:  A large force of Cherokee Indians
attacked the fort, and messenger Samuel Cowan was killed and scalped.

1776,  Houston's Fort, Virginia:  Birth of another son to
Hanna Hobbs Oglesby & James King Carr, at Hannah & James' ages 37:
- 1776 Jan 29:  William Carr (d.Dec 12,1856) 
1796: Married Elizabeth Dobbins (1778-1838)  See Elizabeth Dobbins (1778-1838) & William Carr (1776-1856) -- parents of William King Carr (1816-1885).

1782, Houston's Fort, Virginia:  Death of James King Carr, the father of the family, age 43, of smallpox
(source of reason for death:  Jerry Carr's web posting.

James King Carr's family ages at the time of his 1782 death:
- Hannah Hobbs Oglesby Carr, age 43
- John "Uncle Jackie" Carr, age 9
- William Carr, age 6
- 6 other children, the oldest already married

Hannah Hobbs Oglesby Carr, age 43, & Family moved from Houston's Fort, Virginia to "Middle Tennessee" in the Nashville area, eventually to Hartsville.

After the 1782 death of the family's father
James King Carr, the family's mother -- Hannah Hobbs Oglesby Carr, age 43 and her 8 children (
the oldest already married) -- left Houston's Fort, Virginia and travelled along the Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap into Cumberland River Country of Middle Tennessee.  They first went to Mansker's Station, Tennessee, a fort on the west side of Mansker’s Creek about three or four hundred yards below the site of Walton’s Campground -- in current-day eastern NashvilleThe next year they moved to Hamilton's Station, on Drake's Creek, a short distance above Shackel Island.
Sources:  Jay Guy Cisco (
1909) Historic Sumner County, Tennessee John Carr, (1857) Early Times in Middle Tennessee

1806, in possibly the Hartsville, Tennessee area:  Death of Hannah Hobbs Oglesby Carr, age 67

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