Carr & Duncan Overview

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Amanda Darthula Carr (1844-1928)

William Alexander Duncan (1840-1926)  

Wm Alexander Duncan & Amanda Carr

Hartsville, Tennessee area of "Middle Tennessee" -- Macon County, east of Nashville
Lafayette County, Missouri 
Indian Territory (Northeast Oklahoma)
Cherry Hill, Polk County, Arkansas


Pottawatomie County,
Konawa, Seminole County
Durant, Bryan County


Tennessee Counties

tn county seats

Tandy & Susanna Duncan Family's "Middle Tennessee" area of Hartsville & Middle Goose Creek

   tn - hartsville

Hartsville & Middle Goose Creek: close-up
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1861-1865:  William Alexander Duncan in the Confederate Army

William Alexander Duncan of the area of Hartsville, Tennessee
served 4 years in the Confederate Army -- probably 1861-1865, his ages 21-25.  Of these 4 years, 2 years & 9 months were in active duty under General Lee, then General Bragg.  Then 15 months were in a Union prison camp.

June 6, 1867, Hartsville, Tennessee area:  Marriage of William Alexander Duncan, age 27
(1840-1926)  &  Amanda Darthula Carr, age 23, (1844-1928)

Fall 1867 to 1875-76:  Newlyweds William Alexander Duncan & Amanda Darthula Carr moved from the Hartsville, Tennessee area to Lafayette County, Missouri -- in the central-west part of the state, about 50 miles east of Kansas City.


mo - county seats        
    mo - road

1868-1875 ( 7 years' time), Lafayette County, Missouri:  William Alexander Duncan & Amanda Darthula Carr Duncan had 4 children -- at Amanda & William Alexander's ages   24 & 28   to  31 & 35:

1868 Aug 13 - 1956:   James A. Duncan 
1870 Feb 23 - 1927:   Tom R. Duncan 
1872 Aug 30 - 1935 March 4:   William K. Duncan, Jackson County Missouri (from Steve Oler's compilation).  .
1875 April 4-15 - 1945:    Pleasant W. Duncan

1875 or 1876:  William Alexander Duncan (age 35) & Amanda Darthula Carr Duncan (31) & their 4 children (newborn to age 7) left Missouri, and moved for a short time to Cherokee Nation -- in the red-shaded area in the northeast part of this map of Indian Territory.

Indian Territory: Tribal Nations -- with overlay of present-day Oklahoma counties & county seatsok - indian territories   

1876 or 1877:   William Alexander Duncan (age 36) & Amanda Darthula Carr (age 32) & family of 4 children (ages 2- 8) moved from Indian Territory, south-eastward  across the line into
Arkansas' Ouachita Mountain area: Cherry Hill near the Ouachita River, Polk County

The Duncan family next moved to the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas in the west-central part of Arkansas.  They went from Indian Territory south-eastward to the Cherry Hill area -- east of Polk County's seat of Mena -- near the Ouachita River.  

1876 or 1877 to after 1886 -- 10 or more years:  William Alexander Duncan (age 36-46) & Amanda Darthula Carr (age 32-42) lived in the Cherry Hill, Arkansas area until sometime after 1886.

Oklahoma & Arkansas -- 
adjacent states, sharing the Ouachita National Forest,
shown in dark green
ark-ok ouachita ntl forest

Mena is center-west,in the Ouichita Mtns --
west of Hot Springs, near the western border 
ark relief

Cherry Hill:  east of Mena on Rt 88, near the Ouichita River, 
(in the very middle of the map)
ark - cherry hill

Ouachita Mountains

ark-ok ouachita mtns    ark-ok ouachita mtns autumn

1877- 1886 ( 9 years' time), Cherry Hill area, Polk County, Arkansas:  Amanda Darthula Carr & William Alexander Duncan had 4 more children -- at Amanda & William Alexander 's  ages  33 & 37  to  36 & 39:

1877-10-30  - 1966:  Louise Elizabeth Duncan
1880          - 1955:   Amanda Jane (Jennie) Duncan
1883-09-22  -1935:   Odell Carr Duncan  
(8)  1886-02-09 - 
1967:   Laura Susan Duncan

William Alexander Duncan:  Minister in the Baptist Church & the Church of Christ

Sally Yates Duncan:  "
William Alexander Duncan was educated a Baptist minister, but he preached for the Church of Christ, who didnít believe in musical instruments, and believe they are the only ones who are saved.  He preached before the family moved to Konawa, Oklahoma." 

[ LL note:  Did William Alexander Duncan attend a seminary?  Was that why they lived outside of Kansas City for a while?  Where did the family live during his preaching days? -- Missouri?  Arkansas?  ]

1880's, Back in the Hartsville area, Tennessee:  Deaths of William Alexander Duncan's father, Pleasant Wales Duncan (age 80) & Pleasant Wales' 3rd wife Polly Ingrum 
Jan 29, 1881, Hartsville, Tennessee area:  Death of Pleasant Wales Duncan, age 80, when his last batch of children ranged from 5 to 16 years old.
___________, Hartsville, Tennessee area: Death of Polly Ingrum Duncan, age ___.

Sometime after 1886:  William Alexander Duncan & Amanda Darthula Carr (
in their late 30's) & 8 children -- ages from late-teens down to baby Laura --
moved from the Cherry Hill area of Polk County, Arkansas to the Konawa, Oklahoma area 

rom sometime after 1886 til sometime after 1907 --  for about 20 years -- William Alexander Duncan & Amanda Darthula Carr lived in the Konawa, Oklahoma area 
Sometime after 1886, William Alexander Duncan & Amanda Darthula Carr -- in their late 30's -- & their 8 children -- ages ?__?  down to baby Laura -- moved from Cherry Hill, Polk County, Arkansas to what had been Indian Territory. First they homesteaded in what is now Pottawatomie County, then later moved a little eastward over the county border to the town of Konawa in Seminole County. In 1907, Indian Territory became the new state of Oklahoma.

Sally Yates Duncan:
William Alexander Duncan was called Judge Duncan -- he was mayor of Konawa for a time.  He was mayor when the Yates family moved from Comanche to Konawa and lived there from 1904-1908. Konawa is where I met Mr. Duncan [her husband, Odell Carr Duncan]."  

ok county seats

William Alexander Duncan & Amanda Darthula Carr & their Extended Family - -
taken ca. early 1890's at their homestead in Pottawatomie County west of Konawa
duncan family -potawatomi county
Front row, center:  Odell Carr Duncan (b. 1883) as a young boy -- in a dark suit jacket

Advertisement for the Konawa Hotel, William Alexander Duncan, Proprietor
Konawa Chief-Leader Newspaper

hotel ad

The 5 Duncan Brothers
Back row:  Tom Duncan & Jim Duncan
Center:  Odell Duncan
Front row:  Bill Duncan & Pleasant Duncan


Odell Carr Duncan & Friend - - probably in their 20's
odell & friend - - in their20's

Advertisement for William King Duncan's Saloon, "The Senate Bar" 
located in Violet,  2 miles west of Konawa in Pottawatomie County:
Konawa Chief-Leader Newspaper

"Local Home of Famous Kentucky Whiskies.
All good brands kept.  Good Goods, Good Treatment, 
and Good Fellows on Hand"


Announcement about Odell Duncan returning to Konawa "after wandering for some time"
Konawa Chief-Leader Newspaper, 1905

1905 visit

William Alexander Duncan & Amanda Darthula Carr
 & their Extended Family, taken ca. early 1900's (??) 
at ____

duncan clan

1904 - 1908:  The John Pryor Yates & Rebecca Brown Family lived in Konawa, Oklahoma - - meeting place of Odell Carr Duncan (b. 1883) & Sally Yates (b. 1889) 

Sally Yates Duncan:  "In 1904 we [the John Pryor Yatees & Rebecca Brown Family ] moved from Comanche to Konawa and lived there until 1908. 1907 was when Oklahoma was made a state.  Konawa is where I met Mr. Duncan [her husband, Odell Carr Duncan, b. 1883].  His father, [William Alexander Duncan] was mayor of Konawa then, and Odell' sister, Laura Duncan, was a real good friend of mine.  At that time, Odell was traveling around on his business, and he was coming home one Sunday to meet me.  Laura and I fixed a Sunday picnic lunch and us three went to a Catholic Mission for a picnic get-together -- he used to come out with a team of horses.  So I met Odell at church and fell in love with him -- I guess I didn't have any sense. There was this swing on a great big old limb and Odell swung me all afternoon.  And in the evening when it got cold, he put his coat on my shoulders -- he was real attentive.  And he was the last beau I ever had."    

In 1907, several Konawa, Oklahoma families left to homestead in Clovis, New Mexico -- beginning with some members of the Yates family, then Odell Carr Duncan, then the John Pryor Yates & Rebecca Brown Family

Lisa Lindberg:  "I know that you and Granddaddy Odell Duncan homesteaded in New Mexico.  Did you go out  there with your parents and family or with Granddaddy Duncan?"

Sally Yates Duncan:  "With my family when I was 18 [in 1907].  Uncle Lige Yates [Elijah Yates, then-aged 44, older half-brother to J.P. ("Young Pry") Yates' ] went to Clovis, New Mexico to homestead.  My papa [then-aged 42] decided he would go too, and followed and had a real estate office out there.  Clovis was just a small town that sprang up after the allotment of the land started, and had some churches and businesses downtown.  

"Then Mr. Duncan came out [to Clovis, New Mexico] and married me.  He and I had been going together [in Konawa], and he went out there to homestead with his partners from Oklahoma, John Sproals [father of Gilbert Sproals] and Ed Herndon.  They all got homesteads near each other.  The ideas was when the required time was up, they would all go back to Oklahoma."

For more about the Yates & Duncan families' homesteading years in New Mexico, see Sally Ann Yates & Odell Carr Duncan:  Life Together.

A church in northeastern Clovis, New Mexico
clovis church

Announcement about Odell Duncan "of Portales, New Mexico" 
visiting his parents in Konawa, Oklahoma:  William Alexander Duncan & Amanda Carr

Konawa Chief-Leader Newspaper, November 1908

1908 visit


The Duncan Brothers, taken 19__, in ________
Left to right:  Bill Duncan, Tom Duncan, Pleasant Duncan, Odell Duncan, Jim Duncan
duncan brothers, older

Sometime after 1908:  William Alexander Duncan (after age 68) & Amanda Darthula Carr Duncan (after age 64), & their youngest child, Laura Duncan ( after age 18) moved from Konawa, Oklahoma to Durant, Oklahoma.  The parents lived there the last 20 years of their lives.

Sometime after
Odell Carr Duncan's 1907 departure from Konawa to homestead in New Mexico, his parents William Alexander Duncan (age after 68) & Amanda Darthula Carr Duncan (age after 64) moved to Durant, Oklahoma with their daughter Laura Duncan (age after 22, b.1886), who took care of them for the next 20 years of her life.     

Sally Yates Duncan"When our first child, Odell, was born [1913], we lived in Durant.  Granddaddy's [Odell Carr Duncanís] parents [
William Alexander Duncan & Amanda Darthula Carr Duncan ] lived across the street from us [across from 611 N. 2nd, Durant].  Mother Duncan was one of those kind, sweet-talking people, and I believe she loved me as much as one of her daughters.  Granddaddyís father would come over on the weekend -- we would be sleeping late -- we would do that when we were together on the weekends.  Nobody locked their doors in those days, and he would come right through the house and say, 'Get up everybody, itís late.'   

"Their youngest daughter -- my very good friend, Laura Duncan [who introduced me to her brother Odell Carr Duncan] -- lived with them and was an old maid dress seller in town.  She took care of them till they died [in 1926 & 1928, their ages 86 & 84 ].  [Laura was 42] when they died, and she married a farmer named Brown who was old.  She was probably pretty happy with him, who knows.  He had three boys, one turned out fine, but the other two werenít worth much."

1926 & 1928, Durant, Oklahoma:  Deaths of William Alexander Duncan (age 86) & Amanda Darthula Carr Duncan (age 84)

1926 September 4, Durant, Oklahoma:  death of William Alexander Duncan, age 86.
1928 August 21, Durant, Oklahoma:  death of Amanda Darthula Carr Duncan, age 84.

Both were buried in Durant's Highland Cemetery.



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