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Elizabeth Spratt  age 17      =============    age 26    Henry Work      
                                                (1767-1845, d. age 78)                                                   (1758-1804, d. age 46)                                                                                                                         

Southwestern Pennsylvania:  Fayette County

Then Clark County, Indiana, northeast of Charlestown
  -- across from Louisville, Kentucky --
Later in life:  Elizabeth:  to Scott County, Iowa, north of Davenport

1784 May 4, Fayette County, Pennsylvania:  Marriage of Henry Work (age 25) & Elizabeth Sproal (age 17)  From Henry Francis Work's 1902 Account of Early Work Family History : "Henry Work was born Nov 5, 1758.  Elizabeth Sproal was born Aug 10, 1767.  Were Married May 4, 1784."

1785-1803 (18 years' time), Fayette County, Pennsylvania:  Elizabeth Sproal & Henry Work had 9 children, from Elizabeth & Henry's ages  18 & 27   to   36 & 45:
Dates from Henry Francis Work's 1902 Account of Early Work Family History

(1) 1785, Oct 25:   John Work 
(2) 1787, Oct 18:  Samuel Work   See Elizabeth Henley & Samuel Work.
(3) 1789, Sep 07:  Joseph Work  
(4) 1792, Feb 29:  Andrew Work 
(5) 1794, Apr 26:   Henry Work 
(6) 1797, Feb 08:  Elizabeth Work
(7) 1799, Jun 03:   Martha Work
(8) 1801, Sep 11:  Rebeckah Work 
(9) 1803, July 18:   Ann Work 

The following story was compiled from information from our family's personal papers, and the webpages Welcome to Historic Tunnel Mill  & The Story of Tunnel Mill

1803:   The two Work brothers Henry Work & John Work & their families left Fayette County, Pennsylvania and went west in search of a better life, which included a suitable milling stream.  

These families consisted of:
Older brother, Henry Work,
age 44
Henry Work's wife Elizabeth Sproul, age 36
Elizabeth Sproul & Henry Work's 9 children, ages 18 down to newborn:
(1)  John Work, age 18    (1810:  m. Elizabeth Owens)
(2) Samuel Work, age 16   See Elizabeth Henley & Samuel Work.
(3) Joseph Work, age 14   [m. Elva Dunn.  Their son Samuel Work (1818): 1841: moved to Birmingham, Van Buren Co, Iowa. ]
(4) Andrew Work,  age 11
(5) Henry Work, age  9
(6) Elizabeth Work, age 6  (m. Anderson)
(7) Martha Work, age 4
(8) Rebeckah Work, age 2    (m. Stephen Henley -- brother of Samuel's wife, Elizabeth Henley)
(9) Ann Work, new-born      (m. Parr)

- Younger brother, John Work, age 43 (b. 1760)
- John's wife, Sarah Jackson, age __
- Sarah Jackson & John Work's __ children

 First they went to the Louisville, Kentucky area
, but did not find a good place for their venture.  

1804, Louisville, Kentucky areaDeath of the older, brother Henry Work, age 46 
During their short stay in Kentucky, the older brother, Henry Work (age mid-late 40's) died of a fever.  His younger brother John Work was left to care for both his and his brother's families.
Burial place:  ??????

The Two Work families crossed the Ohio River from Louisville, Ky into southern Indiana Territory

Next, the Work families crossed the Ohio River north of  Louisville, Kentucky into the southern part of the Illinois Grant area of Indiana territory in what is now Clark County, northeast of Charlestown.  There John Work explored land along 14-Mile Creek -- so named because it was 14 miles above the falls on the Ohio River.  From John and James Bates, John Work bought 100 acres of land -- at a dollar per acre.  Along this creek oon this land he built a water-powered gristmill, later built another mill -- the famous "Tunnel Mill" -- and became known as "Tunnel Mill John."  For the rest of his story, see "Tunnel Mill John" Work.

The children of those two Work brothers grew up along 14-Mile Creek, and married and raised families in that vicinity.  
See Elizabeth Henley & Samuel Work. Many of their offspring stayed, as, in turn, did their offspring, including Henry Francis ("Frank") Work - - author of the 1902 account of the early Work Family History.   Some of the later generations went to other parts of the U.S.

1810:  Martha Spratt & Samuel Work's oldest son, John Work (b.1785), married Elizabeth Owens.  In 1836, this son John (then-age 51) sold his Clark County, Indiana farm and moved with his family to Scott County, Iowa, 6 miles north of Davenport.   His mother, Martha Spratt Work (then-age 69) went along with, and lived 9 more years.

1845, Scott County, Iowa:  Death of Martha Spratt Work, age 78, then-living with her son, John Work & wife Elizabeth Owens.

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