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Work Family History

  Scotland to America
Settling in Southeastern
Pennsylvania, Southern Lancaster County,
Bart Township, Middle Octorara area


Henry Francis Work's 1902 Account of the Work Family's Early History

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New Washington, Clark County, Indiana
- - across the Ohio river from Louisville, Kentucky - -

Transcription of Henry Francis Work's 1902 Account

in 1692, John, Joseph, Henry & Alexander Work, brothers & families -- Scotch nobility with large retinue of servants, Covenenters of the Strictest -- landed on the Coast of New Jersey, having left Scotland on account of religious persecution.  Here a link drops out as to direct ancestry we have Alexander [Work], high sheriff of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania was a son of one of these brothers."

For more about the Covenenters, Presbterians, & the Middle Octorara area, see Middle
Octorara Presbterian Churches, Bart Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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