Sarah Jane ("Sallie") Fisher
b. 1831 New Washington, IN
d. 1909, age 78, Sulphur Springs/McKinney, TX   
Buried:  Pecan Grove Cemetery, McKinney, TX

Work History - Overview

  -    Work

age 25     ========   age 29 
Sarah's parents' house,
Clark County, Indiana

Lived in Clark County, near the Ohio River
18__:  To New Carrolton, Missouri
18__:  To Frisco/Lebanon, Texas
18__:  To McKinney

Alexander Campbell Work
b. 1829 Works' Landing, Clark County, IN
d. 1902, age 73,  McKinney, TX

Pecan Grove Cemetery, McKinney, TX


1856 March 27, Clark County, Indiana, Sarah Jane Fisher's parents' house:  Marriage of  Sarah Jane ("Sallie") Fisher, age 25  & Alexander Campbell Work, age 29

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1857- 1858, Clark County, Indiana: Sarah Jane Fisher & Alexander Campbell Work had the first 2 (of their eventual 10) children - - from Sarah Jane & Alexander's ages   26 & 30    to   27 & 31:
(1)  1857/05/04:   Mai Work
(2)  1858/08/04:   EdgarWork

1858:  Sarah Jane Fisher, age 27; Alexander Campbell Work,  age 31 & family moved from Clark County, Indiana to New Carrolton, Missouri
At the time, their children's ages were:
- Mai Work, age 1
- EdgarWork, either new-born (or about-to-be-born)

According to _____________'s caption on a photo of Sarah Jane Fisher & sister:  "Taken perhaps before 1858, the year our folks left for Texas in 2 covered wagons and a carriage for the family."

1858-1875 (17 more years' time) Sarah Jane Fisher & Alexander Campbell Work had the remaining 8 (of their 10 total) children, from Sarah Jane & Alexander's ages   27 & 31    to   44 & 48:

(8)  1873/04/26: John Henry Work    See Arrietta Robertson & John Henry Work, Sr.
(9)  1873/04/26:

18__: The family moved from New Carrolton, Missouri to a farm west of McKinney, Texas -- in the Frisco/Lebanon area.

Sometime in the 1890's, Alexander Campbell Work & Sarah Jane Fisher Work moved from their farm in the Frisco/Lebanon area into the town of McKinney.
Location of McKinney: North on I-75 from Dallas, north of Plano.

1902,  McKinney, Texas: Death of Alexander Campbell Work, age 75

2007/10:  From John H. Work, Jr: 
After Alexander Campbell Work died in 1902, Sarah Jane Fisher Work went to live with their daughter, Janie Work Smith, in Sulphur Springs, Texas -- east of McKinney

1909, McKinney, Texas:  Death of Sarah Jane Fisher, age 78

Burial Place for Alexander Campbell Work & Sarah Jane Fisher Work:  Pecan Grove Cemetery, McKinney, Texas. 
Between central McKinney and the municipal airport to the east. 
- Corner of S.McDonald (Rt. 5/399) and Farm-to-Market Rd (Rt. 546).

Work Burial Plot:  Block 98, Lot 1, in the Northwestern section of the cemetery

Pecan Grove Cemetery sign, McKinney, Texas     Work monument, Block 98, Lot 1

Alexander Campbell Work 1829-1902 - gravestone   Sarah Jane Fisher Work (1831-1909) gravestone

The Work Burial Plot also has the graves of more Works:
Dougan Work, Hettie Lee Roach Work, & their daughter Isabel Work, who died at age 77:
Dougan Work (1860-1918) gravestone
  Hettie Lee Roach Work (18__-1956) gravestone Isabel Work (1892-1969)

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