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Robertson Red - TartanRobertson Red - TartanRobertson Red - TartanRobertson Red - TartanRobertson Red - Tartan

Sarah Ann ("Sally") Owen Moorman     
(1813-18__, d. age __)                      
at ages
23       &        23

            William James Robertson
                      (1813-1884, d. age 71)

Glen Dean, Kentucky

1836 February 12,  Glen Dean, Kentucky:  Marriage of Sally Owen Moorman, age 23 & William James Robertson, age 23.

1836-1843:  Sally Owen Moorman & William James Robertson had 4 children - - from Sally Owen & William James' ages 23 to 30:

(1)  1836 June 14:  James Roger Robertson
(2)  18__               :  Amanda Moorman Robertson 
(3)  18__               :  Virgil Thomas Robertson -- died in Civil War
(4)  1843 May 7   :   Charles Summers Robertson

186_:  Death of Virgil Thomas Robertson, age __
Story from Libby about how he died in a Union prison camp.  Story about during his funeral service in the house, or when he was laid out:  Union soldiers came to the farm, Uncle _______ Robertson  came outside with his Kentucky rifle.  The Union soldiers asked if there were any Rebel soldiers there, and Uncle _____ answered, 'Only grief lives here.  I've got my rifle trainedon your captain,  and even if you shoot me, I will still be able to shoot him.'  The soldiers left."

1884 July 31, on Robertson Farm, Black Lick, Glen Dean, Kentucky:  Death of William James Robertson, age 71
He is buried in the graveyard on his farm, Black Lick, Glen Dean, Kentucky

Robertson brothers, much later in life
Left: a Robertson brother -- George? or William?
Right: Charles Summers Robertson (1813-19-_)
Robertson brothers:  bro & Charles Summers Robertson

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