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Glen Dean, Kentucky

Partial map of eastern U.S.
Glen Dean is indicated with a red star -- over the "K" in Kentucky. 

Regional map:  parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina
The purple highlighted line:
Glen Dean on the left, Lexington on the right - - 
140 miles apart, taking the Bluegrass Parkway. 

Close-up map of Glen Dean

The town of "Mattingly" is northwest of Glen Dean 
(and due west of Hardinsburg, which is at the top of the map, on Rt. 50).  




The town of Glen Dean is a little northwest of the Rough River Dam State Resort Park, 
with its 5,000-acre Rough River Lake, and lodge rooms and cottages.

The map at left includes the town of Glen Dean (red star).  
The map at right is a close-up of the Resort Park.


Glen Dean:  page with weather, related links, etc.:

Kentucky State Resort Parks
Rough River Dam State Resort Park:

450 Lodge Road
Falls of Rough, KY 40119-6100 

Description of the Resort Park:  Accommodations locator

2006-08-30:  LL talked with Colleen at the Resort Park:

40 lodge rooms: $85/night
Lodge rooms continually available

17 Cottages, each with 2 rooms, each room with 2 double beds: 
Regular: $104/night.   Deluxe:  $185/ night.  
October 2006:  quite full, with each type cottage available only the weekend of Oct 27th and 28th. 

Lodge, Lake, and sample lodge room

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