Lindberg-Work Family:  Earliest Days, 1970-1973

November & December 1973:  MIU-Santa Barbara
6689 El Colegio Road, Isla Vista (Goleta), California
-- located at the Garden Court Apartment complex --

Photos by Duncan Work & Lisa Lindberg
(a few others are otherwise attributed)

The end of October 1973:  We made the road trip getting to Santa Barbara into a great adventure. 
From Topeka, Kansas, we drove our little blue VW bug  across the southwest to California, camping along the way.  
We loved the mountains of Colorado's San Juan Ntl. Forest, Mesa Verde National Park, and the Grand Canyon.
(Pictures soon.)

1973 MIU-Santa Barbara: MIU logo   1973 MIU-Santa Barbara:  courtyard with pool
MIU Logo.     Main court with pool, dining hall at the double doors at the
courtyards's outh end.

                Left:  Having lunch on the grass in the courtyard.   Rt: People going to & from dining hall at the courtyard's south end.

1973 MIU-Santa Barbara:  lunch in the courtyard  1973 MIU-Santa Barbara: south side of main courtyard, doors to dining hall

MIU’s 3-story apartment complex
center right in the photo --
photo taken from Francisco Torres, looking east --
1973 MIU-Santa Barbara: view from Francisco Torres to main MIU comples
Francisco Torres
West on El Colegio Road from the main MIU complex: 
 MIU’s graduate student dormitory & graduate classrooms
-- Photo taken from MIU's main building, looking northwest toward the tower, with the Los Padres National Forest's Santa Ynez Mountains
looming over its shoulder --
1973 MIU-Santa Barbara: Francisco Torres - - west of the main comples

Franklin Mason's Chemistry class, Francisco Torres patio

Aerial view

MIU-Santa Barbara:  Chemistry Class, Francisco Torres, aerial view

Standing:  Chemistry Instructor Franklin MasonMIU-Santa Barbara:  Chemistry class with Franklin Mason
Standing:  Chemistry Instructor Franklin Mason
& Masters degree student Harold Kornylak
MIU-Santa Barbara:  Chemistry class with Franklin Mason - student Harold Kornylak

From Duncan & Lisa’s room in Francisco Torres,
looking south toward
Channel Islands National Park
Left:  Santa Cruz Island.  Right:  Santa Rosa Island
1973 11 &12  MIU-Santa Barbara:  view from Francisco Torres toward beach
Sometimes the whole school had parties on the beach. 

(At thetime, we took no photos of those parties, so for this page,

we are borrowing from someone's 2006 blog.)

2006-12-24-aft-goleta-beach--mark-redel's-blog    2006-12-24-goleta-beach-sunset--mark-redel's-blog
Goleta Beach sunset-- from Mark Redel's blog, 2006-12-24

The town of Isla Vista, California

Isla Vista TM Center

1973-11 &-12:  Isla Vista TM Center
Street scene: looking north to the
 Santa Ynez Mountains of Los Padres National Forest
(left foreground:  Duncan andLisa's light blue VW bug)
1973-11 &-12:  Isla Vista street scene, looking north

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