Lindberg-Work Family:  Earliest Days, 1970-1973

1973 June & July

TM-Teacher Advanced Training Course
Humboldt State College, Arcata California


1973 August - October
Topeka, Kansas

In June 1973, we left the Columbus TM Center with Jo Petrie (Johanne Villadsen of Denmark) -- our good friend from the 1971 Amhearst Course and our 1972 TM Teacher-Training in Mallorca-Fiuggi.  She had spent the year since our TM Teacher Training finishing her bachelors degree at Simon Frazer University in Vancouver, and was on her way back to Denmark.  We drove with her to Ann Arbor, Michigan and dropped her off at the TM Center where she was visiting a friend before her flight to Denmark. 

Then --
good specimens of the 60's and 70's that we were - - we went to Ann Arbor's Earth Shoe store and bought ourselves some Earth Shoes. 

From Ann Arbor we drove on to Kansas to see Duncan's parents in Topeka and our friends in Lawrence.

From Kansas we flew to San Francisco, along with Doug Mackey, one of our good Lawrence buddies.  We stayed a few days with a another good Lawrence buddy at his parents place in Sausalito, north from the city across the Golden Gate.

(blurry, sorry)

Our friend showed us the sights, including going up Mount Tam to look down on the lights of San Francisco, and one evening had a dreamy drive
across the Golden Gate in his father's Mercedes convertible.

This was our first look at California, and we were duly impressed.

We were headed north to attend a 6-week TM-Teacher Advanced Training Course at Humboldt College in Arcata near Eureka and Redwood National Park.  From Sausalito we got a ride with another TM Teacher headed to that course in his VW van, going along Pacific Coast Highway 1.

We spent those 6 weeks among California's abundance of flowers and blue skies and 500 other TM Teachers.

Arcata, California & the Pacific Ocean -- from wikimedia commons
Arcata, Calif, from wikimedia commons

We had a great time with our Kansas buds Doug Mackey and Terry Schnocke Anderson.  Doug wrote us all poems about ourselves, e.g. with these lines:  "Lovely Lisa loves to laugh upon a Summer's day"  & 
"Where Duncan walks, O where Duncan walks." 
Terry and I put on Doug's 26th birthday, scrounging around for fixings to make him a birthday cake, and getting other treats in town.

During that course, Al Bruns, a professor  from Maharishi University -- then located in Santa Barbara -- gave intriguing presentations on Vedic Science.  He also gave us news on MIU developments, including the master's degree program to train Teaching Assistants to teach MIU's 1st-year Core Courses. 

The next masters degree session was scheduled for that upcoming November & December.  The prospect sounded un-missable, and right then and there we decided we would go -- Duncan for the Master's program, and Lisa to be on staff.

Duncan, Terry, & I  and Larry Oswald flew from Humboldt back to San Francisco, and bopped around San Francisco again with our Lawrence friend from Sausalito, this time riding the cable cars, and went to Ghirardelli Square and Golden Gate Park.

(another blurry one, sorry again)

1973 August - October
Topeka, Kansas

From SanFrancisco, Duncan & I flew to Kansas, and worked from August to October,
this time in Topeka.  Duncan worked at a grocery store and Lisa picked vegetables at a local family-run market farm, getting very tan and strong. 

1973 November & December:   Maharishi University -- MIU-Santa Barbara

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