Lindberg-Work Family:  Earliest Days, 1970-1973

Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course
1972 January - May
Mallorca, Spain  &  Fiuggi, Italy

1972: Duncan & Lisa's Half-Year, Mediterranean Honeymoon

After our Thanksgiving 1971 wedding, in January we went to Europe for our honeymoon -- Duncan's 3rd time to Europe and Lisa's 2nd.  This time it was for 5 months, and it was so lovely to be back again. 

We were with 2000 other young Americans and Europeans taking the Transcendental Meditation Teacher-Training Course.  The 1st half of our time was on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, Spain, and the 2nd half in the Italian hilltown of Fiuggi -- in the mountains 50 miles southeast of Rome.

We jokingly refer to this time as our half-year Mediterranean honeymoon with 2000 other people.

Our road trip to get to NYC's airport was an event in itself:  From the midwest we travelled in VW bus with occupants totalling 8 people + 1 dog + everyone's luggage for a half-year.  In New York, we left the bus and dog with friends, and off we flew to the Mediterranean.

Mallorca, Spain
1972  January - March
an island in the Mediterranean off the east coast of Spain

Hotel Bahia del Este, Calla Millor, east side of the island
  Hotel Bahai, Calla Millor, Mallorca, Spain 
Hotel Bahia, Calla Millor, Mallorca, Spain  Beach

   1972  Duncan, Mallorca

Fiuggi, Italy
1972  March - May
a medieval hilltown long known for its healing waters
in the mountains of the Latium Province
about 50 southeast of Rome


Scenes around the town

Fiuggi Fonte (fountain)    


Fiuggi Castle

May 1972:  Fiuggi's market day, Thursdays at Piazza Trento e Trieste

                            Left:  Lisa                 Right:
Jo Petrie, our friend from Denmark
1972-05 Lisa at Fiuggi Market    


Windows  and




Casamari Abbey --

in the Fiuggi countryside

May 19, 1972:  Duncan & Lisa, new TM teachers           With Michael from Vancouver, Canada


May 20:  Lisa with Larry Oswald from Rochester, NY, & Jo Petrie from Denmark & Vancouver. 
Both were extending their stay for the month-long SCI course, but came out in the rain
to wait with us for our bus to Rome.

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