Lindberg-Work Family: 
Earliest Days, 1970-1973

1970-1971:  Duncan & Lisa's 1st year
Lawrence, Kansas

After Lisa's Summer 1970 in Europe: Following Joy Fellows to the University of Kansas, Lawrence
-- and Meeting Duncan

Lisa:  At the end of Summer 1970 when I returned from my & Joy Fellows' trip to Europe, I followed her to the University of Kansas at Lawrence.  I moved into the student rooming house where she lived with her fiance, Bob Lominska:  1603 Louisiana, right near the chancellor's house.   I enrolled in KU for one class -- the language of Danish, because I planned on returning to Scandinavia soon.

Joy and Bob were very apprehensive about Bob's future as he had a high draft number, and had just graduated thus losing his student deferment.  He was vehemently opposed to war -- the one in Viet Nam and all others -- and was applying for Conscientious Objector status.  However, he was in favor of doing service to our country -- just not killing people.  For Alternative Service they applied to the Peace Corps, and left for the training in mid-November.  So my house sharing with them ended, and I was very lonesome.

However:  immediately after Joy and Bob moved out of our 1603 Louisiana student rooming house, a friend of Bob's moved into their old rooms. For the
Fall 1969 semester he had made his 2nd trip to Europe, this time to attending the University of Paris, and also travel around Europe - - Scandinavia and Italy - - and in general had soaked up culture.  He had returned to the U.S in January 1970, so we were sort of in the same mind-set.  He and I painted our hallway, chatting away, and he asked me questions about my trip to Europe - - just the kind that I had been needing to be asked in order to help me make sense of my experiences.  He was the first person to do this, and I decided Duncan was just my kind of guy.  We immediately became good buddies and did lots of things together, like cooking & eating together, and going to events.  We soon became inseparable.

December 1970
1603 Louisiana Street, Lawrence      &   Duncan & Seth, D's parents' house,Topeka

January 1971:  Trip from Ohio to Michigan & a wacky, attempted hitch-hiking trip to Montreal: 
On a freeway entrance ramp outside of Detroit, in a blizzard, Duncan getting hit by a car --
Lisa groping her way thru the white-out to try to find him, terrified that he was dead ...
and just when they had found each other. ...  But it was only a bump, and he was fine.

Lisa - - meeting Duncan's parents for the first time
Topeka, January 1971

Spring 1971: Topeka

Spring: 1603 Louisiana, Lawrence

                Spring:  1603 Louisiana            Summer:  Cedar Cemetery, south of Lawrence

Topeka, Sept/Oct:   Announcing upcoming wedding

Thanksgiving Friday, November 26, 1971
Wedding followed by wedding banquet / Thanksgiving Dinner
Duncan's parents house, Topeka, Kansas

The morning after the wedding: 
Lisa making waffles for everyone for breakfast

End of Thanksgiving weekend                         Christmas 1971, Topeka

Christmas with Duncan's parents in Topeka, Kansas, then with Lisa's family in Ohio.

Then:  Getting ready to go to Europe for 5 months to the
Transcendental Meditation Teacher-Training Course, Mallorca, Spain & Fiuggi, Italy

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